Shedding off the holiday fat

It is time to go back to work. After all the eating and drinking during the holidays, have you stopped by the mirror lately to look at yourself? Did you add a few inches to that nice waist of yours? Has your face bloated from all the sleeping during those cold Christmas nights?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, what do you intend to do about it? You’ll probably go back to that crash diet you hated. Or maybe you’d pay the good ol’ gym a visit. Unfortunately, we all know that these are remedies we hardly enjoy doing. So here are a few tips on what to do after the holidays to get back that gorgeous body.

Try to avoid crash dieting. A sudden decrease in your normal nutrient intake may dramatically affect your energy level and, consequently, your performance at home and at work. Slowly reducing your food intake will certainly give your body time to ‘recalibrate’ and adjust so you remain at a normal state. Do not completely avoid carbohydrates, the body’s major fuel source. And remember that at the right amount, sugar can be beneficial rather than fattening. Salty and greasy foods are the ones that really tend to make your body store up harmful cholesterol.

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As much as you’d want all those excesses burned at the gym, be aware of the injuries that your body might incur from suddenly rushing into lifting weights. Take into consideration the vital importance of stretching, warming up, and cooling down during your sessions at the gym. If you’re into toning and tightening, remember that the amount of repetitions is more important than the amount of weights

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