Weight loss changed my life

Yes, I made it.
The best effective strategy for weight loss.

Firstly, we all have followed many websites and blogs that say that they have the best solution for weight loss. But honestly we don’t realize are they ONLY promoting stuff or sharing their experience they had while they were losing weight?. Most of the blogs we have seen were gathering stuff, but there were no recommendations. Hence, let’s all try the best diet plan we can find or an original product on eBay, amazon or any other vendor and then share my experience to all people just to make the best choice.

To be honest, I didn’t like my shape at a certain time of my age. My size kept me from doing a lot of things like going out with friends, doing sports or dancing.

Look, don’t hesitate. It takes a lot to get what you appeal

I’m sharing with you all the steps I’ve taken to start losing extra weight of my body. Therefore, attempting to follow my steps needs that courage which will lead you to the result that you scheme. And here is what I’ve really enjoyed doing the past months to get the shape I want.


  • Joined a video course:To be honest, I had to join this to clear my head of bad thoughts about my size and to give myself the chance to create a motive for going further with my diet plan, there are a lot of websites that gives a great solution for us if we don’t have the courage to share our experiences with psychiatrists or groups. You can check all the video courses about weight loss from here
  • Do sports:This might be unseen or you will scroll down when you see ( do sports) but actually that’s the most effective part of my strategy. I do recommend every kind of sports, start with walking to end with great weight loss results. Wondering what to start with? here is my list of the best weight loss exercises.
  • Searched for a GREEN product:When it came to this point I had to choose carefully, and not to be manipulated by ads of any kind ( I DO CARE ABOUT MY HEALTH ). So, I went for Green products which are natural that’s effective yet healthy choice to be made.


  • Got me a diet plan:I searched for that extra weight loss by following a diet plan which successfully turned into burned fat and my shape more appealing. Joining this service might be expensive but it’s the best solution for anybody it’s like hiring a cook for yourself.

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