Weight Loss : A General Overview

weight loss

Weight loss

 will be a topic that I will tackle on several posts. This article is important because I will give various ideas on how to achieve weight loss. It is meant for the obese who have a hard time losing weight.

I have twice been able to reach weight loss in my life: the 1st time losing 50 pounds (220-170) & the 2nd time losing 25 (195-170). The best way for me in weight loss for a short period of time was going on a no-carb diet. But to keep it off, I understood that you must employ a carb in the morning every other day.

To be fully healthy one has to find balance for sure. It is not a great thing to be on a no-carb diet for too long. Most of the reasons are due to fatigue and not having enough nutrients.

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The most important thing to do is to build towards a no-carb diet gradually. A person should start by not eating a carb after 6PM. This way you will learn how to feel good by not eating something that will be heavy at night. You might even have less bad dreams due to this.

Then, as you slowly start getting used to the feeling of weight loss, you can then go for a strong attack, because there will be a stagnation in weight loss. If a person needs to lose weight quickly then the best way about it is by cutting out carbs for a whole week.

Now mind you, this is not the best way of losing weight, because you will gain it back if you do not have self control. In everything one must have self control, this way nothing will be able to make you a slave, a weakling, a pushover.

If at all possible try to make a gradual step until you can incorporate just a morning carb and no more carb the whole day. Do not worry if it will take some time for you to adjust. Like anything in life, it is important to work at doing things right.

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